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Sal's Hidden And Dangerous Research Centre
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Michael Cain in " A Bridge Too Far"

Welcome to my Hidden & Dangerous editing site!

todays news

Oh yeah, almost 7 months without updating site. and you ask why? simple 2002 was a very low year for Hidden And Dangerous fans. countless fans have given into despair and abandoned th H&D scene and i was almost one of them, until i played Battlefield 1942. this god awful game showed me the need to keep hidden and dangerous alive specially in its DELUXE form . Dont worry I am back and reinvigorated. if i cant have new hidden and dangerous addons and tutorials i will have other things that hidden and dangerous fans WILL ALSO enjoy. more Landmines ,New HALL OF HEROES, dedicated to games that ROCK. more photography, and defenitedly more rants, keep coming back guys and stay tuned, and in the immortal words of Stan Lee "Nuff SAID!"


Never mind the Forum

ill have to hold off on the forum idea for now since i could not get it to work rigth, instead il add a guest book

Forum added
now we have a forum to disscuss all things hidden and dangerous enjoy.
SAL,   Prisioner Of The State?
I happened  i was placed under arrest 5-8-2002 for driving with a suspended drivers licence and had to spend the nigth in jail . Dont worry , I am innocent . It turns out that some guy in california has my same name and birth date and he has a bunch of warrants on him. the police did not bother to investigate the matter and just threw me in jail . Too bad for them though because they now face a hefty wrongful imprisionment  lawsuit HA! HA!
Editing hidden and dangerous deluxe
With my new found appreciation of freedom I have made my first task to search for new sources of hidden and dangerous information . have found an excellent editing FAQ by dvrabel at this site
remember this info is only good with the DELUXE version of the game check it out
Geting my own copy of H&D deluxe
i have ordered a copy of H&D deluxe from these guys in the UK
ordering to the US its going to be about $21 USD not bad.
the game is in back order now so ill see how it turns out
Old News Section Added
It seems that my page is mostly taken up by old news so i am only keeping the most recent news up front and the older news in this new section
New addition to minefield
Oh yes . Sadly, my list of games that suck keeps growing . check out my opinon on Infogrames Deadly Dozen in the minefield section  


eyeswitcher inspects enemy corpse

paul montbaten eliminates enemy


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